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First, let me apologize because this is going to come across harshly but…

I’d rather not have your business if you cannot understand and accept our business practices.  Seriously, read ALL of this and if you are unwilling to FULLY accept ALL of our terms and conditions, please purchase elsewhere.  I don’t need the aggravation.  No, seriously, and you don’t need it either.  If we’re both going to be unhappy because you want something right now and my business isn’t set up for instant gratification then just don’t order.  See how easy that is?  We do our best and have a lot of happy customers but if you want Amazon Prime just click on over there and best of luck to you sir or ma’am.  OK?  Great.

We do not offer same day shipping or next day delivery; it might not even ship the same week you order if it’s the middle of the week.  We are a small business operating with no daily in-house employees – it’s just me and my teen son here who has school most days and I have a day job as well.  By not having employees and separate office space it keeps our prices low but slows processing times.  As such we have a 5-7 BUSINESS day processing time starting the day AFTER you place your order.

Also, none of us have ANY control over UPS or USPS and as such we OBVIOUSLY cannot control their shipping times.  You may receive your product in a few days or it may be over a week depending on where you live, weather, holidays, weekends, etc.  BE PATIENT.  I know that’s hard in today’s HAPPINESS NOW society but if you are the type to start demanding updates inside our processing time listed above, again, please order elsewhere.

We use GoShippo, a 3rd party website, for postage integration.  It automatically takes the mailing address you put in, calculates shipping, and give us a mailing label.  It ALSO automatically sends you a tracking email so make sure to check your Spam folder if you don’t see a tracking email within 5-7 business days.  It ALSO assumes the day I print your label is automatically shipping day (it’s not).  We batch process meaning I’ll come home from work and in the evening print up the dozens of orders of mailing labels and then when I get a few spare hours (usually weekends) I’ll box it all up and drop it the next business day.  If your item is not moving a day or two after the label prints, that’s NORMAL.  If it’s not moving a WEEK after the label prints, that’s not, please reach out.  Again, that whole “waiting” thing, I know, it’s good to learn patience.

If you eMail me 2 or 3 days after you placed your order asking where your order is, you aren’t going to get a response.  Sorry, but too many people are pinging us thinking their order should get priority because Generation Me and I’d rather be designing new parts or shipping your order rather than stop for an hour to answer 4 or 5 other emails asking the same thing when it’s only been a few days.  Give 7 full business days to see if your order starts moving.  If you don’t see your item moving vis UPS or USPS 7-8 BUSINESS days after you ordered, THEN please by all means eMail us.

And for people who can’t find where to email us, it’s Sales@LuckyIrishman.net

Also, for the love of God and all that’s holy, use a little common sense and tell me your order number and/or the name on your order.  Those of you with your eMail server set to “The Big Guy” or “Nasty Neo” or something else unidentifiable in the sender name space make it impossible to know how to track your order without giving me the order number or your name on your credit card in the body of your email.


Unfortunately, while 99% of you have had ZERO issues installing our products, 1% of you *maybe* should re-think owning tools.  Really.  No offense, but not everyone is good at building things or intuitively understands how things work and attempts to torque things beyond their design limits or letting parts get misaligned during installation will break them.  Some of the best shooters out there can’t put together a Lego puzzle, it’s not personal, just life.  SEEK HELP before you force something… Please?

Assembly requires you to hold some parts firmly in alignment while you are driving pins in, just like an AR, yet NOT BREAK THEM.  Follow the instructions and MAKE parts REMAIN in alignment while installing.  Also please DO NOT OVER-TORQUE SCREWS!  Use yellow/blue loctite as instructed (NOT Red).

We are NOT liable for damage during installation if not done by a LICENSED GUNSMITH who has a STOREFRONT – not your buddy you shoot with, a LICENSED GUNSMITH.  There is NO warranty express or implied for you to install this yourself. We are not set up to sell or provide replacement parts so delays will occur.  Proceed accordingly.

All instructions are on the PRODUCT PAGE on our website where you order your item.  NO WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS ARE IN THE BOX which cuts down on paper waste as well, cool huh?  Please read them BEFORE you do anything and for God’s sake, EMAIL ME if you have a question BEFORE you muck it up.

Lastly, if you charge back your order without contacting me or because I didn’t respond to your email within the same day you sent it, you will be PERMANENTLY BLACK LISTED from ordering from us ever again.  Period.  No appeals, no 2nd chances.  If you don’t have the patience to wait a week or two during THE BUSIEST PERIOD OF GUN SALES IN RECORDED HISTORY, I simply ask you don’t buy from us at all.  I just don’t need the aggravation nor an angry customer who just wants things right now.  I do this on the side partly for fun and when it stops being fun I’ll roll up the carpet and close.

For the record, we function as “Lucky Irishman Tactical” but you will be billed under LIFe Industries, LLC.  In this day and age we had to choose an LLC name that doesn’t have firearm references in it, but don’t charge back your order as “I don’t know who this is” for the name difference.   It won’t work because this is on my page and documents as evidence and if you spent nearly $200 bucks or more, be honest, you know exactly what you bought.  Don’t be a shmuck.

Any products that you see available to order on the product page ARE in stock now – the “quantity available” is always correct, even if the item description says “On back order”.  No need to email us, if you can order it, we have it.  If you can’t, we don’t.

If you don’t see the item you are looking for in the pictures below on *this* page, Go to the TOP of THIS PAGE and click “ORDER” at the top menu list to find and add items to your cart.  Their website builder only lists a certain number of products on this page but everything is on the website on the “ORDER” link.

PLEASE NOTE:  We stay very busy and rarely have time to answer phone calls (again, that whole day job thing means I’m not around during the day to answer phone calls).  PLEASE EMAIL if you have a question.  Calls take 7-10 business days to be returned.  eMails are usually responded to within 24-48 business hours (1-2 business days). Please do not use the contact form on this site as it is not forwarding emails properly, we are working to correct the issue.

Again, for those who have complained our email address isn’t on here because they lack reading skills and don’t read all of this like we asked, it’s Sales@luckyirishman.net

Returns are accepted ONLY if the item is UNUSED, in its packaging, and shows ZERO evidence of mounting or screw/standoff use.  Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee if you simply changed your mind.  Shipping is never refunded unless it was our mistake, in which case it is.  Refunds are given 7-10 days after receipt of your package and you must contact us first for an RMA.

We will continue to update the site periodically, since it’s still a work in progress and web design is NOT my thing, so please check back often, and thanks for your business!

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