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This is the adapter set to mount the Magpul Zhukov Yugo stock (not the AK, but the Yugo version) to your FAL pistol/rifle/OSW.  Please adhere to all ATF requirements when using this.  This is the adapter and bolt set only and does not include the Zhukov stock.


These are 90% finished but I’m going to sell them at cost.

They are 100% functional but the rear mount, which is 3D printed in Kevlar reinforced ABS, has some rough print lines that could use finishing.  We’ve done a basic sand and duracoat on them so they’ll function fine and they are tough as NAILS.  Guaranteed for the life of your pistol/rifle or we will replace it free of charge.  For life.  No questions asked.  I have pounded on these things and have yet to break one.  Square designed in fiber-reinforcement are almost as strong as 6061-T6.


The front piece is stainless steel 60/30/10 3D sintered.  You can’t tell, it looks, feels, and even grinds down like Stainless.  Again, guaranteed for the life of your firearm.  The para mounting bolt attaches the front piece to your lower receiver.  Remove the front spreader screw first, screw the bolt into the front mount and into your Lower, then screw the spreader screw in from the INSIDE of the lower receiver just above the take-down spring catch.


The four 8-32 x 5/8 screws then attached the rear mount at four corners to the front piece.  We recommend using blue loctite (not provided).


The Zukhov stock (not included in this purchase) is then screwed on by the M8 x 1.25 x 25mm allen head bolt that we provide into the rear mount.  We also recommend blue loctite on this part.  That’s it, you’re ready to go.


If you want to use this on a DSA OSW or Pistol upper, there is an adapter for the Zhukov for various braces, just Google “Zhukov pistol adapter”.  We may make this in the future as a different product.


We’re selling these at cost for now.  If they are popular we will make more but for now we’re just moving stock at blowout prices.

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