Kel-Tec RDB Raptor Rail Handguard – Powder Coat Black

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Kel-Tec RDB M-Lok Handguard – Powder Coat Black with all mounting hardware.

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Kel-Tec RDB M-Lok Handguard – Durable Powder Coated Black

Installation instructions will NOT be in the box.  We pre-assemble these with the exception of ONE pin that has to be assembled.

Step 1:  CHECK YOUR PACKAGING.  There is a small baggie with your front stay, internally-threaded standoff, and screws for the front mount.  It’ll be in the plastic of the rail but might fall into packaging material.  DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY!

Step 2.  Remove your factory handguard.

Step 3.  The front U-shaped stay goes around your factory gas block and the .250″ holes line up.  We insert the screws into the u-shaped front stay and silver aluminum standoff to mark where they go as they are differently sized.  Remove these screws while noting their position and set aside.

Step 4.  The front U-shaped stay hole is DELIBERATELY oversized .002″.  DO NOT SAND THE STANDOFF OR REAM THIS HOLE.  This creates an interference fit like an AR roll pin to eliminated the wobble the factory plastic handguard has and gives you a tight fit on your rifle.  Simply oil the silver standoff and the holes on the U-shaped stay, line up the front stay and the gas block holes, and hammer the silver standoff into the holes until equally inserted left and right.

Note:  The silver standoff will NOT be flush with the front stay edges.  This is why they call it a “standoff”.  The screws are long enough to allow the rail to be drawn tight towards the stay.

Note 2:  Use a FLAT brass punch to hammer the standoff in.  It will be tight, but it will go.  Take your time.  About 5-7 minutes with slow, deliberate, firm hammer strikes on the brass punch.  DO NOT used a round nose punch, you will mar the threads and the screws won’t insert.

Step 5.  Slide rail onto the rifle starting at the REAR of the rail from in FRONT of the flash hider all the way down until the rear stays’ U-shaped cups are around the mounting points of the rifle receiver.  Insert front screws and snug all screws.

Note 3:  We highly recommend removing one screw at a time once all are tight, applying blue loctite, then re-tightening.  About 8-10 INCH pounds, not a lot or you’ll strip the screw heads.  It just needs to be *snug* if you’re using blue loctite.

Please email us with ANY questions or take to a licensed gunsmith if you are uncertain at all.  Thank you!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 4 in

2 reviews for Kel-Tec RDB Raptor Rail Handguard – Powder Coat Black

  1. Andrew Gonter (verified owner)

    Worked as advertised. Rock solid and looks a lot better as compared to the chunky factory plastic one that wobbles. Install went smooth, I went a different route and used a press to slowly drive the stand-off pin in.

  2. jar

    Absolutely love my raptor rail. It is lighter, just as sturdy, and looks way better than stock. I see there is a rhino version now, but still love my raptor.

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