Kel-Tec RDB-S / RDB-C Rhino Rail – OD Green


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This is our best-selling Rhino Rail modified to fit the RDB-Survival and RDB-California models in OD Green / Forest Green.


Please note, these are designed to fit the 16” survival barrel.  If you have a 20” barrel Cali / Canada / Hunter model and just want a short rail on it, this will also work for you.  It will NOT work on the standard pistol grip RDB of any length, the receiver profiling is different.


If you have a pistol grip on your rifle THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.  You want the regular Rhino or Raptor rail.  This is for the “featureless” shell that looks like a hunting rifle with no pistol grip.


Please read the installation instructions and follow them to the letter.  DO NOT force the handguard or bend it.  It goes on with a minimum of effort when installed properly.  If in doubt, please email us FIRST or take it to a local gunsmith you trust.  Typically it takes 7-10 minutes to put this on your rifle but the added ergonomics and heat savings are excellent!

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Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in


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