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This is the Long suppressor handguard for the MDR and will fit all suppressors up to the OSS octagonal shape suppressor diameter.  Please note, this CANNOT be used without a suppressor.  It extends PAST the flash hider and shooting without a suppressor WILL damage the rail and possibly cause bodily harm.  Aluminum is strong but it’s not strong enough to overcome the gas that expands from firing a firearm.

$290 includes mounting base pieces and the 6061-T6 anodized hard coat aluminum handguard with M-Lok slots.

This price is for Black only.  If you wish to order Tan / FDE, please also add the Cerakote Add-on.  We don’t do Cerakote in-house and the price for Cerakote is at our cost.

The item will arrive pre-assembled so you can see how it goes together.  You will need to remove your rail and also completely remove the T-nuts on the rear of the rail and install them onto the mounting bases.  Leave the T-nuts as loose as possible as you will have to wiggle the bases considerably to get the silver standoff to line up properly through the rifle.

The silver standoff installation is a VERY tight fit.  We HIGHLY recommend freezing the silver standoff in your freezer overnight before installation and using a LOT of gun oil on the holes in the bases and the rifle thru-hole as well as a plastic mallet as you are installing it.  NO round nose punches are to be used in this assembly.

Once you have the standoff in and aligned you can then tighten down your T-nuts.  The rail then slides over the barrel, onto the bases, and screws on.

Please email with any questions or, if you are at all unsure, take it to a licensed Gunsmith for installation.

Thank you!


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2 reviews for MDR Handguard – Long – Suppressor Sized

  1. nick garrison (verified owner)

    I love the hand guard, I have a 20 inch barrel, no suppressor, and it ends right before the compensator, safe to use. If you have the 16 inch, do not order this one, get the short one. Pros- 1: fixes the lack of holding zero with factory hand guard 2: way more grip space and rail space, and the m lok sections to the left and right of the center are set in line with the barrel, and a perfect 45 degree angle, so no need for offset irons, I used regular irons mounted on those points. 3: bipods can be farther forward compared to factory, allowing more room for your support hand. 4: The handguard itself is quite easy to remove. Cons- 1: very wide, if you don’t use a suppressor, it is unnecessarily big. If they decided to make one narrower for non suppressor use, I’d be the first to preorder it. 2: If you don’t have multiple calibers, this won’t matter, but you can’t easily remove the barrel anymore. The T nuts get in the way, they must be removed to get the barrel out, and they are very annoying to get back in place. 3: While the handguard is easy to remove, the mounting block is not and I do not recommend trying to remove it frequently. Good news is, it doesn’t interfere with the pins, so you can take the upper off just as easily as before. Highly recommend this product for any MDR owners out there.

  2. Robert

    I needed a secure fore end to mount a laser aiming module for duty use. Rich has the solution. I had just seen the Blk Lbl fore end announced by Desert Tech but it didn’t seem to be long enough. The Lucky Irishman long version gave me the rock solid length I needed. Patience is needed for the install but it is worth the effort. I run the MDR in 308 with a Dead Air Nomad direct thread suppressor. This fore end was just what I needed. Great fit finish and plenty of mlok slots for accessories.
    Bob D.

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