*NEW* Kel-Tec Extended Length Handguard Cali / Canada / Hunter 20″ Barrels FDE / Tan


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Introducing the “Long” handguard for the Kel-tec RDB. Designed specifically for the 20″ Hunter models, this is 3″ longer than the current RDB handguard and will extend out to the full length of those two weapons.


This is for the Kel-Tec Tan / FDE rail for your RDB that has a 20” Barrel and DOES NOT a Pistol Grip.


The California / Canada / Hunter model is different than the pistol grip models as I have to modify the rear mounting area to fit the traditional hunting rifle-type “featureless shell”.


These 6061-T6 Handguards will NOT fit your Survival 16″ or standard 17″ barrels nor will they fit an RDB with a pistol grip.  They also will not currently fit over a suppressor – we will start working on a suppressor-friendly long handguard soon.


Installation is simple.  We re-designed the front stay to allow the silver standoff to tap in as easily as the original Kel-Tec push pin.  We then added a tensioning set-screw on the bottom of the front stay to lock the standoff in position against the stay for a rock-solid lock-up.


To install, simply removing your original plastic rail.  Place the U-shaped stay PERFECTLY aligned around the gas block where the single push-pin holes are lined up.  Getting this off-center and forcing the standoff will damage these parts.  Using a brass or plastic or rubber mallet (NO hammers), tap the silver standoff through the u-shaped stay and the rifle’s push pin hole in the gas block until perfectly centered.


Tighten the bottom tensioning set screw – this already has yellow loctite on it.  It’s a 6-32 allen head screw.  When this is tight (8-12 inch pounds), remove the four 6-32 screws out of the front stay corners then slide the handguard on from front to rear, then re-insert all four screws.  Tighten all of these plus the rear 4 screws on the rear posts and you’re done.


If it takes more than 5 minutes or you don’t understand it or you feel like you are forcing it STOP and email me for assistance or take it to a local gunsmith.


Thanks for your business!

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