NEW! The Kel-Tec RFB Handguard – ODG / Forest Green


Kel-Tec RFB Handguard

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After many requests, it’s finally ready.  The Kel-Tec RFB handguard in ODG / Forest Green.


Note, this is the .308 / 7.62×51 NATO version of the Kel-Tec bullpup.  The ejection system is forward out the front of the top of the gas system, hence the ramped front portion of the rail to ensure smooth ejection.  An optional top cover comes with this rail just forward of this so you can utilize BUIS or other items forward of the gas block and eliminate the plastic clunky factory rail and aftermarket quad rail.


Machined in 6061-T6 aluminum and cerakoted Green in the EXACT same color Kel-Tec uses, these are all that was needed to make a great rifle even better!  Other colors will be added next month.


You will receive:


  1.  Handguard
  2. Top cover forward of gas block, your choice whether to mount it or not, purely optional
  3. Front stay pieces (3) that go around the bottom legs of your gas block
  4. Front standoff
  5. Rear stay pieces (2) that screw into the rail and go around the rear take-down pin cups
  6. Rear standoff
  7. All required screws

We do not include instructions because it’s a very simple install, probably 10 minutes at best and we detail them here.  Please return to this page for installation once you receive your rail.




  1.  Remove Factory Handguard

2.  Open box, check for all of the above components, some of which are pre-installed on the rail

3.  Remove front stay assembly from baggy, it will slide onto the gas block as shown.  Remove the standoff and set aside.  Loosen the screws and slide onto the bottom of your gas block.  Once in place, snug screws just slightly so it will hold position and insert the long silver standoff through the hole.

Note, this is a cast part from Kel-Tec and some fitment and alignment is required, light tapping with a RUBBER or PLASTIC mallet may be required to center the standoff.  Once you get to where you slide your rail on, check the alignment on the screw holes on the front stay.  You may need to tap the assembly forward or backward and re-tighten all screws so leave them a bit loose the first time you install the front stay.

4.  Once everything lines up well, remove handguard one last time and tighten all screws in the front stay assembly to lock alignment – USE BLUE LOCTITE (not provided).

5.  Insert rear silver standoff through the rear takedown pin hole and center.

6.  Slide the rail over the rifle front to rear.  The rear cups/stays will slide over the takedown pin cup.

7.  Insert BOTTOM TWO screws into the front stay FIRST.  These pull the rail up into alignment with the rest of the screw holes.

8.  Tighten rear screws, use blue loctite.

9.  Insert remaining front screws, using blue loctite on all screws ONE AT A TIME to not lose the alignment (not included), then tighten down all screws 16-18 inch pounds.

10.  All screws torque down to only 16-18 INCH pounds of force.  DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.  It’s not necessary and you’ll strip the torx heads.  Let the loctite do its job.

11.  Install optional top cover, screw locations should be self-explanatory.

If any of the above is questionable AT ALL to you, please email us BEFORE you force something or take it to a gunsmith who will have it together in about 10 minutes.  DO NOT FORCE IT OR BEND IT.  We have NO obligation to warranty items damaged during installation.


Enjoy, and thank you very much for your business!

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