Robinson XCR stock adapter for the Magpul ACR Enhanced Folding Stock


Robinson Arms XCR ACR Stock Adapter

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This is what you’ve been waiting for!

Put the Magpul Bushmaster ACR Enhanced Folding Stock on your Robinson Arms XCR Rifle.

These have been out of stock for 2 years.  Back for a limited time, VERY limited quantities.  Grab them while you can!

CNC 5 axis machined from 6061-T6 Billet then hard coat anodized black with QD slot on the bottom.  Fits both -L and -M rifles.

Yes we ship to Canada!

please note, we had a 3rd party do these since our 4th axis is down long-term.  Unfortunately they ran them with a larger step and didn’t wrap them before shipping so they have very small blemishes on corner edges and such.  They also do not have the bottom QD hole.

You can only really notice it if you hold the adapter up in your hand near your eye.  On the rifle from 2 feet away I don’t notice the defects at all but some people want pretty wall hangars and not functional shooting items that are going to get worn as you run them.

Since the machine shop refuses to make it right and since some people are very sensitive to any cosmetic issues, to remove any reason to be unhappy with your purchase, I’m discounting these 40% off for the remainder of the run and they are sold strictly as-is.

They could easily be filed lightly on the tiny blem areas then cerakoted black over the anodizing and look perfect or you can just run them, but these are the last I will ever make.  Priced accordingly down from original price of $160 down to under $100 each.

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